Do you know that The Undertaker is back

in the WWE ring this is the question what kind of question is that because which is WrestleMania I am asking a lot of fans before the start of day 2 that The Undertaker will return to WrestleMania Would like to tell also as part of the cast that included all that was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame at the 1 star-studded Sambhar Lake at the American Airlines Center and the Undertaker’s induction into the WWE Hall of Fame WWE Chairman Ring Mack The one done by Mohan was as a plan when the crowd gave this trading ovation to the veteran wrestler walking towards the ring, so during the Hall of Fame inspirational speech, Undertaker gave his thumbs up before being offered to return to the ring. Thanking family, friends and many others, also reminded me of my wrestling journey and the relationships we built along the way

Would like to tell who is Undertaker, his real name is Mark Calaway, he said in his WWE Hall of Fame speech that he is Joe has made his Undertaker name identity in the last 30 years because Joe River’s name is a Bad name and soul taker Tonight I will take you behind the scenes and meet the man behind the black hat who is the kill and I would like to tell you the same respect that you have shown me more Mushtaq over the years and have explained

The Undertaker has been participating in the WWE Championship for the past 30 years, he has won a lot of matches, would like to say that he is thanking the administrators for their support for the character played by The Undertaker in WWE. Said this is my first thank you because you inspired me and are still giving what I needed many nights as well as tea was in the ring or outside or at home any place the Undertaker had his Speech also told about Godfather and early years his manager Kaun Viriye also spoke about Godfather he also said that we have been friends for more than 30 years we have drank gallons of Jack Daniels and hats and watches from each other Have given and taken a lot of things to each other as well as fought with each other a lot of times and would like to tell but I also always knew you had my back

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