ICC Women’s World Cup 2022:Mithali Raj said India had to face defeat twice

Mithali Raj and Goswami at the Market Tournament said:
In the marqee tournament, India had to face defeat twice in the marqee tournament. The kind of practice we have been taught, this team is not performing well on that practice.

It was told by Mithali Raj that we are not able to play the way we are expecting from the batsmen, due to which Mithali Raj, the captain of the Indian team in the market tournament has met twice in the market tournament today!
According to the information, it has been learned that the next match will be between India and Australia on March 19 and this match will be held in Auckland. She’s making her team very thirsty! At the same time she expressed the hope that very soon the ICC Women’s World Cup will improve soon!
England worked hard to beat India in 31 point 2 overs with 134 runs in Wednesday’s match, with 4 wickets to spare England has won this match after three defeats, due to which their popular are giving them respect, despite applying England has achieved in this match!
Even after I lost Transco, the Indian team did not share the top order!
Earlier in the match with West Indies, the Indian team won by defeating West Indies and said that we have won from a team that never loses and performs very well, which is very difficult to beat but the discussion of the batsmen If we do, it is a difficult topic to choose the batsmen as well as said that we will show similar performance in the next hitting match, all this was said by the Indian team Mithali Raj who will try to win there in the coming match.
Will try my best to remember what is going to happen between Australia and India friends, this match will be on 19th March!
Despite the lack of head in the match, Goswami said that we know that our top order is very low, the kind of performance that has been expected from the batsmen, but in the past they have produced very good batsmen and I hope that Will return in the coming match and win again Just as England have won a match after three consecutive defeats, it is said by Dargah Goswami that when England did not give up after losing three matches in a row. How can we accept defeat after that the batsmen did not perform well in this match it does not mean that they did not want to do well by themselves Swamiji has done with great hope in this match his batsmen will come back again and win will gain!

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