In the police raid against 144 Hyderabad pubs, Niharika got the phone and Rahul was also in custody.

The coordinator of Tollywood acting Naga Babu’s daughter Sath Sath Abhinay Nyari in HAL itself, Della, 144 people, right, the police took relief because the party going on in the pub was more afraid than the history of the scheduled hours per police logan summed up Tollywood acting Naga Babu’s daughter, actress Mela, was inherited by Rahul.
Hey yaar party was going on at Admission Blue Hotel in POS Banjara Hills which was raided by the Top Force personnel of Hyderabad City Police at around 3:00 PM which found some banned substances like cocaine and other narcotics such government permission.
Party ka tu hai all Andhra Pradesh ji Daughter of former Director General of Andhra Pradesh Police Telugu Desam Party son of Parliament and children of some other proven visions also included in the party copy of which the police printed and took it all.
As soon as the police was printed in the pub, some people got their packets in the hands of the vehicle and some people threw these narcotics on which the police took Sabi into custody and the police station nearby Banjara Hills Police Station Banjara Taking everyone to the hills, he started questioning all the zodiac signs.

HAL own drug free Hyderabad campaign started in Andhra Pradesh Police inherited all including singer and big boss telugu reality show and more celebrity ok in pub and anya mixed with drugs which government does not allow While sharing a video, Naga Babuji said that his daughter had Hari’s vehicle present but did not do anything wrong, it seemed that Babuji shared a video and told them that the daughter did nothing wrong. Simultaneously, superstar Chiranjeevi’s brother Naga Babu said that our conscience is clear, his daughter did nothing.

Also taking into custody Logan includes some 33 women from Sev and some members of staff who drove more than the given party in violation of the rules by allowing more than the party’s allowed hours. And the rules of law were violated.
At the same time, it is also being told that the newly formed Hyderabad Arctic by the police and enforcement is not only registering a case against the peddler but also against those who take child drugs.

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