Kapil Sharma has been listening to the news of his friend’s death that after a few minutes he had to go on the show stage.

Comedian The one thing he understood with the difficult aspect of being the well-known Kapil Sharma comedian was that he once narrated an incident with people to host The Kapil Sharma Show when he told them he didn’t know about the death of a friend. Was informed, it all happened because after some time he had to do a show of his own, going on stage

He further said that I went backstage of 5 minutes I took a break to come for a while and at that time where to call me why did you call me now What was supposed to happen has happened now tell them this I was also thinking of abusing my friend at that time.

He believes that whenever he goes on stage Kapil Sharma, he feels that there is some magic there and there is some kind of divine power which helps him in a very good way, his good intentions show him and people. help to laugh that he feels connected to the divine powers and the things that happened to his friend of that he keeps on happening and he had this to say

Kapil Sharma was in the limelight with his acting in Daya Saath’s The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Joe Sota was becoming very famous that he who is Kapil, he does very good comedy, his show which was named, he kept Comedy Nights with Kapil which is The Kapil Sharma Show and Family Times with Kapil all have been successful so this is what it is today If you like this post then also share this post

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