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O t t full form , “over the top”. By the way, OTP is called over-the-top in english, let us know what it means and where it is used. OTT is a type of streaming service on which a lot of content is provided with the help of internet connection. And with the help of OTT, streaming of movies, web series, comedy programs and many TV shows is done on all smartphones, laptops, desktops or with TV programs, that is, we can say that with the help of this, many content is uploaded or distributed on many platforms. OTT Platforms There are more than 40 such OTT platforms, here the user gets a lot of original content like Net Pack Disney Plus Hotstar Amazon Prime Boot G5 Alt Balaji Sony Live TV App Play Disney Plus Hotstar Eros Now Jio Cinema and many more There are all OTT platforms, here we can easily watch any movie or any episode or any web series or any TV show, although India is the largest OTT user after US, which is the largest country KBMG According to the Media and Internet Report 2018 in India OTT platform is going to be the biggest profiteer by the year 2023, the Indian OTT market will continue to grow by more than 45%, due to which the growth of these platforms will reach more than Rs 130 billion, at present the market of OTT platforms in India is Rs 250 crore. OTT refers to a platform that displays movies, TV shows, or other content through a high-speed internet connection. It is mostly used by entertainers, advertisers and for screening of new movies, advertising products and services, live video streaming, etc. i.e. we say OTT platforms are providing an alternative platform to many people, from which they can watch video content without going to the theater while sitting at home and can also watch many entertainment videos, although YouTube is the biggest OTT platform where there is a lot more. Videos keep on uploading, which are updated on comedy TV shows, music news channels, and small things keep getting uploaded, the only purpose of these OTT platforms is that you can only make high noises without leaving the house. With the help of speed internet connection, you can watch movies and many more movies at home, which you can watch movies comedy news and many more in your desktop or laptop and TV or phone without theater

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