Pakistan Political Crisis As Imran Khan Is Trying In Court

Like every time, this time too, Pakistan has been completely shocked by the order of Aiman ​​Khan to call the election from a new Mr. Because the 69-year-old cricketer has been politically developed many times in the midst of distrust against the politicians. The text of the text of a few more eligible speakers, Kashi Mussoorie, has pointed out a surprise that can call the chief of loyalty to the state and the ISI as well as Imran Khan’s dargah takes one step against them. vision. In the midst of the country’s economic crisis situation in the form of indigenous people, the Supreme Court will decide on Monday whether Imran Khan wishes for the elections.

As you have been told that Pakistan National Assembly rejected the proposal on Sunday, Emon Khan made the nation Acharya Janak, only a few minutes of that bad faith was discarded and a new date has been chosen, what has been chosen and what has been done. Know that there is no such argument which cannot brush or brush the future of the country.
At the same time it was told by the minister that the country will start to be elected in the next 3 months and Imran Khan will do something in the form of Islamic State of Pakistan and in the form of Prime Minister Activist under 224. was read.

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