Poonam Pandey got the most payal Rohatgi show visit by doing vada in lockup

Poonam Pandey tried stunts once again in reality show
In the ongoing episode of Ravivar Payal Rohtak was not sure that Poonam Pandey might get the most votes in spite of this lockup in the ongoing episode of Ravivar Poonam Pandey got the most votes which won’t be evicted for the post

ISI Karan Poonam Pandey is safe from eviction because of getting the most votes, Poonam Pandey, Kangana Ranaut declared that she congratulated Poonam Pandey.
HAL hi main toh ke daura hai week was included in the nominated list or was one of the seven people in whom any one had to go to bedkal from the locker, due to which everyone sought votes for himself and other people who lived during ISI. The actor said that Poonam Pandey has cheated her to be nominated, she shared her questions on social media that Yadi wow will give her more votes then she will like this video in the next show and Ravi was given a copy of the social media. His fans voted for him the most and they thought that during the time of getting maximum votes, Punam Pandey will have children and he will be safe and I will do cricket team world cup match in 2011. Poonam Pandey had just said that if India wins then I will show naked, due to that India won and Poonam Pandey as bad as I was refused to do all this because India team won here and Poonam Pandey was barred from being nkd

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