More than 270000 Jeep Grand Cherokee և Dodge Durango SUVs are towed as they can accidentally start coming out of the park without moving the brake pedals.

 The carmaker said in a statement to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that suspicious hydraulic control modules were installed on vehicles built between June 10 2018 and April 30,

2019. The wrong module can misunderstand the pressure in the main circuit. Allows you to turn on the brake lights and start the car change from the garden. FCA US LLC. 

. More than 200 such lawsuits have been filed so far but no accidents or injuries have been reported in the NHTSA FCA file. The retreat will include 

 the 211934 Grand Cherokee և 58970 Dodge Durango. The automaker said it was still working on a solution and would notify owners by the end of July. 

Owners can now check to see if their car has been damaged by the NHTSA withdrawal site. This content is created և maintained by 

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