The latest 14-generation F-150 sits somewhere on top of the FX4 package and shakes off the branch off the road of the giant F-150 pruning tree but is

slightly smaller than a full-fat hijacker. It is widely located between Lasso and the kings farm. So the Tremmer is not a separate truck but

 a well-equipped truck. Both axes have changed. Ford replaced the front and rear springs and installed unique one-pipe springs at

 the front and two-pipe springs at the rear. This system provides easy cushioning at low speeds to better connect the wheels to the surface with uneven grip.

The cutter also achieves improvement of the front center joint and the upper control arm.

These changes increase the ride by 15 inches (38 mm) at the rear and 10 inches (25 mm) at the front. 

 The Ford Coats also improved off-road angles to 27.6 degrees breaking 21.2 degrees 

 and dropping 24.3 degrees.