The Ram Quad cab has a 6'4 berth and the crew cab model has a 5'7 or 6'4 berth. 

Despite their lack of a typical regular cabin, an 8-foot bed combo, it's a few inches away from the competition.Most fairings specific to this segment can be ordered for $ 995 using the RamBox option. 

These fit next to the bed and are very useful especially for wet and muddy gear while reducing the available space on the bed. 

The bottle is lockable, illuminated and has a drain for removal and use as a cool box.One of the problems with Aries is that going to bed has little effect. 

GM makes good use of simple bumper steps and Ford provides a step to jump out of the tailgate, 

but Ram's sole support is an additional kick-actuated bumper step. Inside, 

the ram ends with the flat back floor that Ford had for years. In the cabin, 

some models have a rear underfloor compartment and a sliding center console.