The most economical Camry is equipped with the Toyota Hybrid System (THS II) as standard equipment. 

The system combines the model's typical 4-cylinder engine with two electric motors, the primary MG1 and the secondary MG2, dedicated to battery charging. 

 It provides a total system power of 208 horsepower.Is it a Camry Hybrid AWD? Unfortunately,

 this hybrid sedan does not have all-wheel drive. There have been some cool rumors that you might see a Toyota Camry plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) car this year, 

but that's not the case yet.The 2023 Camry Hybrid provides

an estimated 52 combined mpg in the base LE model. About 51mpg is displayed in the city, 

and 53mpg is displayed on the highway. The higher the trim level, such as SE, XSE, XLE, the lower the fuel consumption. 

However, you should return up to 46mpg in total.