So what's so moody about America's best-selling medium-sized sedans that have been in operation for 20 years? 

Even if the number of vehicles sold in 2021 exceeds 300,000, there is no doubt that Toyota has lost its superiority in the sales chart and Toyota's own lineup.

 The company's RAV4 SUV has surpassed Toyota's list, and the Camry has been adopted by bestsellers. important vehicle.

These new changes certainly won't reverse that trend, as consumers continue to abandon traditional passenger cars in favor of trucks and SUVs, 

but they're still good for the giants in the major industries.Toyota 

hasn't announced pricing or sales times for the 2023 Camli lineup,

but for reference, today's 2022 Camlin Nightshade SE will start at $ 29,110,

 including $ 1,025 for delivery.