Offering price-sensitive (though not easy) at the end of the entry-level SUV lineup of Japanese automakers, the Toyota Corolla Cross offers ample space and a solid fuel economy at bargain prices. Now in its second year,

 the crossover has a more efficient model, the 2023 Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid.

This new gas-electric crossover utilizes Toyota's 5th generation hybrid architecture. This is a simple portmanteau of other TNGAC platform vehicles, such as the Corolla Hybrid Sedan,

 a model in which the Corolla Cross shares a core foundation. Toyota states that the cross 4-cylinder engine with electric assist is suitable for 8 seconds at 194 horsepower and an estimated 060 mph. Those are conservative numbers

More importantly, Toyota says buyers can expect 37 miles per gallon in the EPA's urban / highway compound fuel cycle. This is definitely a 5mpg 

improvement over today's front-wheel drive petrol Corolla Cross, which gets a total mpg rating for 31 cities / 33 highways / 32. Is it even more impressive? 

The hybrid manages these numbers with standard all-wheel drive. In short, the efficiency of the Delta Gas only AWD 

Corolla Cross is highest at 7mpg, which is even more impressive in a combined cycle.