This article features an independent illustration by Car Scoops artist Josh Burns. It is based on a 2024 Mustang prototype captured by espionage and its own intelligence. Renderer is not affiliated with Ford and is not endorsed by Ford

The 6th generation Ford Mustang was a huge success for Dearborn carmakers, and its global reach gained new fans from the United States to Australia

 Efforts here and there remain fresh, but the time is approaching for a completely rebuilt new pony car to hit the world. Our photographer shot the 7th Generation Mustang

codenamed S650, with heavy camouflage. Armed with its aesthetic jokes and some internal leaks, we delved into everything we knew about the successor to the S550. You can see that the

ratio, hardpoints and roofline are almost the same as the current car. why? Well, it's not the redesign you'd expect.  The S650 was rumored to be based on the new rear-wheel drive Lincoln Aviator / Explorer platform, but 

the plan seems to have failed. It is still completely redesigned. The styling is edgy, tense, and almost retro. The GT variant gets a lower bumper inspired by the

bold Mach 1 with a gapped air intake and a Focus RS-inspired grille. This grill will be controversial to many as

it is smaller than it looks due to its huge, asymmetrical trapezoidal frame (which is good in this context).