Last weekend, the Tesla Cybertruck was unveiled for the first time at the Michigan Formula SAE competition at the Michigan International Speedway in Brooklyn, Michigan.

The 2022 Formula SAE competition was held May 18-21 in Michigan. "The Formula SAE competition challenges undergraduate and graduate university teams to design, 

design, build, develop and compete in Formula-style compact cars. The competition is an engineering education competition.

"Engineering-based competitions can be a source of attracting talented students from around the world, and Tesla has stated regularly that it strives to recruit the best talent.

As the company continues to work to convince the smartest and youngest people to join its development, Tesla has the perfect thing to pique the curiosity of its competitor Cybertruck.

.Captured by user r/TeslaMotors u/DifferentLow4875, Cybertruck goes through the infield of the Michigan International Speedway, 

 a two-mile track used for stock car racing, among many other events. Tesla may have a special booth at the event with the

 Tesla flag in the background as shown in the photos posted. However, Cybertruck was a major highlight in Tesla's hiring process. Because he was seen walking with people indoors.