The world of digital car rendering is full of really interesting works. There are a lot of very talented digital artists who can make really great things. 

And one of the best is Oscar Vargas. His Instagram page shows his amazing work, and his latest work is a very rare car.

This is a Dodge Challenger shooter brake with many interesting details.Exploring The Challenger Shooting Brake In Detail First, 

there are some similarities between the Challenger and the actual muscle car. The front end is similar to the Challenger, but the grille layout and overall front fascia are as expected. 

Headlights are a typical challenger, then we have a hood. 

The hood is a section that is clearly different from the actual Challenger,

which has two scoops in front. This is the biggest change in the entire front fascia styling set. 

Things start to get interesting in the rest of the car.