America’s Favorite Truck Is About to Test Tesla’s Dominance

When Ford began developing an electric

version of its very popular F150 pickup four years ago, many

suspected it could be as powerful as a gas-powered beast

Some of them were at home. “We faced a

lot of skepticism within the company,”

says project chief engineer Linda Zhang.

"It can't just be a wheel battery.

. We wanted it to be a working real American truck.

We also had to add value by using electricity to do

things that ordinary trucks couldn't do. So Zhang asked the engineer to "develop a

feature that hasn't been invented yet." Some ideas promoted by consumer

consumer focus groups worked as follows: B. A truck bed scale mounted on a dash

display and an LED taillight indicator showing available capacity. Some people don't,

like the "bed extender" that uses a small lift to stretch the truck back.