Dodge և Jeep return about 270000 SUVs so they can leave without warning. The recall applies to some but applies to all 2018-2020 Dodge Durangos և Jeep

Grand Cherokees. Some anti-lock brake modules supplied to factories in 2018 և 2019 have defective sensors. The car says that the computer is depressed even when there is no brake pedal. 

If there is no pressure on the brake pedal the computer will turn off certain functions. In the event of a simple collision, 

cars may move from the park to the screening device հեռ leave unexpectedly if the brake pedal is not pressed. Atlantis (both parent companies Dodge և Jeep) said they were not aware of any 

injuries or accidents related to the defect. Some customers became aware of the problem when they learned that their brake lights were on when no one was in the car.

You can see that this problem is evolving. But Atlantis claims that without activating the brake light. Atlantis announced the recall but no solution was found. Documents submitted to the federal government's primary car safety agency say

 the compensation is being worked out. The company will inform the owners by mail at the end of July. we expect the solution to be ready for them. 

 Remember that repairs are always free. Automakers remember most cars more than once in their lifetime. Carmakers try to reach out to every owner but may not always be able to reach everyone. 

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