I drove Ford’s F-150 Lightning. The revolutionary electric truck’s biggest superpower is how normal it feels.

Ford's electric pickups are finally delivered to customers and we have to drive

The F150 Lightning handles well, has a lot of great features, and is surprisingly friendly

A year after Ford introduced the F150 Lightning to the world, the revolutionary electric

pickup is finally on the market. And surprisingly, he lives up to the hype.

Compared to the 100-year-old automotive industry, electric vehicles are still in their infancy

 And despite billions of dollars being invested in development and more people buying than ever before,

electric vehicles still represent only 3% of total sales

The battery-powered version of America's most popular 

Ford zero-emission truck is the vehicle that could finally make electric vehicles mainstream.

The 2022 F150 Lightning is Ford's first full-fledged electric pickup

following the Rivian R1T and GMC Hummer EV, and the third model in the modern EV era

Ford stopped production and delivery of trucks earlier this year and placed around 200,000 refundable reservations.

The truck is available in four trim levels, ranging from $40,000 for a basic working machine (Pro) to $90,000 for

 a full-fledged luxury truck (Platinum). The XLT and Lariat models are somewhere in between.