Ford announced as part of a major expansion in the Midwest that promised to invest $ 3.7 billion in manufacturing facilities in Michigan, Ohio, and Missouri to create jobs for 6,200 new members. did. 

Automakers have also announced plans for updated Mustangs, Rangers, and new electric utility vehicles. In a joint announcement with the United Auto Workers, Ford said it would provide immediate "first day" health 

benefits to all hourly workers. Early conversion of approximately 3,000 contract workers to full-time full-time positions. The company also announced that it will spend $ 1 billion to improve working conditions at its US factories.

Ford did not reveal the type of new electric utility vehicle it plans to build, except in the "mid-10 years", assembled at a factory in Ohio. The automaker recently began producing the long-awaited F150 Lightning 

electric truck and eTransit utility vehicle. Is available worldwide and ranger pickups for the North American market only are manufactured in Michigan. Both vehicles are gas powered and manufactured under the direction 

of Ford Blue, the company's legacy powertrain division. Ford said it will also create jobs to increase production of the F150 Lightning in Michigan and Transit and eTransit vehicles in Missouri. These vehicles are maintained 

by Ford Model E's electric vehicle and software divisions. Earlier this year, the company Starting speed. Ford had previously announced plans to phase out production

of the F150 Lightning to 150,000 units a year by mid-2023. The carmaker began delivering the first truck to its customers last week, and by the end of May it was reported that the dealer had received the delivery and sold the 201 F150 Lightning.