Ford: One In Five F-150 Lightning Trucks Made Is A $40K Pro Model

Ford says vehicles are the backbone of their business, and that's why

they build so many base models for business owners. The

is one of five Ford F150 Lightning electric trucks built at the Rouge 

Electric Vehicle Center in Dearborn, Michigan, in an entry-level Pro 

trim for commercial buyers. Automakers typically start new cars with

the most expensive options to maximize profits

, but Ford is taking a different approach

The automaker is starting production of the

 F150 Lightning in a $40,000 Pro version

instead of the top-end model offering an MSRP of up to $90,000.

Darren Palmer, Ford's vice president of electric 

 vehicle programs, told Automotive News

that automakers are already producing 

 many base models for carpenters, plumbers and other business owners