Ford Patents Tank Turn, Possibly For F-150 Lightning

Rivian made headlines with a viral video showing one

of his R1T electric pickups moving one forward and

the other backwards, essentially tank-like. However,

this feature is currently missing from production vehicles,

and Ford even holds a patent for its own

version available for the F150 Lightning, which may debut before the Rivian.

According to the Lightning Owners Forum,

the Blue Oval filed for a patent

in October 2020, but it didn't go

public until April 24, 2022.

The patent diagram below looks like an F150 Lightning,

, but since there is no direct reference to this truck in the text, it could in theory

apply to other EV models as well. However, unlike the Rivian R1T and R1S, the Ford

F150 Lightning doesn't come with a four motor setup where the motors power the individual wheels.