The electrification of the Ford F150 pickup in the form of the F150 Lightning is a turning point in the automotive 

industry as America's best-selling vehicles are now equipped with electric batteries.

After two days of driving the Lightning in a variety of conditions, including highway driving, towing and off-

road, a truck was revealed that outperformed an internal combustion engine in many ways,

 so the Lightning will undoubtedly set the tone for Sony. prefix 5

Ford has ordered 200,000 Lightning and is set to reach production capacity of 150,000 

trucks per year by 2023, so anyone ordering now will have to wait two years

Fantastic new cars often place an impressive number of orders,

but many of these orders are eventually canceled and the buyer's deposit refunded

 In the case of Lightning, this is unlikely to happen, given the superiority of trucks,

as there are many tasks that truck owners have to complete.

For this, Ford designed a conventional truck frame

The massive dual-layer battery is bolted to the frame with a battery-style

 insulated mount previously used on the F150 HybridElectric. 

This differs from vehicles where the battery box is built into the chassis to increase rigidity.