Ford’s EV Sales Are Way Up, With The F-150 Lightning Leading The Way

Ford recently released decent sales figures for its electric vehicles. Overall, it increased by 139% compared to the previous year. sales

While the industry's semiconductor chip shortage persists, improved inventory flow in April outperformed

Ford's industry performance by 1.0 percentage point year-over-year." Andrew Frick, Vice President of Sales

Distribution and Trucks, Ford. “Stock flow increased record SUV sales for brands FCeries, Mustang Machi, 

The F150 Lightning Lead Ford F150 Lightning Electric Truck was a significant part of the overall growth. The company recently started

selling Lightning, and as interest grew, so did interest in it. With a press event, reviews from the embargo, and a

 great video showing the event on YouTube, Ford 

certainly has an opportunity to further boost sales after April.

Trucks are used all over the world, but are especially popular in the United States. Few truck drivers want to

switch to something like a Nissan LEAF or Tesla Model

Y when the electric bug hits. For some people

it's just personal preference. For many others, it is important to have a bed to carry things

(every day, weekend or occasional). The ability to tow 

or tow more than a fifth wheel is another important feature.