The British star finally announced his highly anticipated third studio album, “Harry’s House,” which is set to be released on May 20.

image credit-social media

image credit-social media

Styles, 28, confirmed the news in a tweet on Wednesday afternoon with a photo of himself standing on the ceiling of an upside-down living room.

The music star and fashion icon stares with a perplexed expression at the ground of the minimalistic living room in gaucho blue jeans and white collared babydoll top.

The tweet earned half a million likes within two hours as fans showed their excitement.

The former One Direction star also teased fans with a 40-second promo clip.

In the video, Styles walks out onto a stage in the same outfit he wears in the album art and slyly smiles into the camera as a yellow cut out of a house is lifted up around him.

The announcement comes after the popular celebrity gossip account Deuxmoi shared news of a potential album release and stadium tour announcement from the singer.

Hardcore fans had also discovered a mysterious website which pulls up a cream-colored door that opens to show a different picture every day. The picture from Styles’ album art was on the site on Wednesday and linked to the 40-second trailer once the news was announced