We already knew that Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback

Tom Brady is the most experienced athlete in the history of the country.

But, despite all that he has done and already accomplished,

the eternal miracle is not yet over, he has conquered his homeland and set up camps in foreign lands.

Ford Motor's new F150 Lightning is an electric pickup truck

This may seem obvious as it looks like a truck and has an electric motor and battery pack as engine options, England and the United States.

but it should be mentioned. Why

That's because profitable battery-powered pickup trucks are an important step 

in Ford and the giant's transition to electric vehicles

Industry leader Tesla has confirmed that customers will buy electric vehicles and Rivian Automotive has

demonstrated that there is a demand for Life-of-Life electric vehicles, but the F150 is perhaps the most 

 important test to ensure the vehicle is EV-compatible. The sector will move. maybe

Interest in products that can attract additional loyal customers is declining.