2022 Ford Maverick is a high performance car. With a capacity of 4000 pounds, you can tow small trailer boats such as jet ski bikes and small campgrounds

However, these camps may not have heavy plumbing or kitchen equipment. The Ford Maverick has a 45-foot bed, smaller than the 

Rangers. Although it can hold 18 sheets of 4x8 feet and 3/4 inch plywood without the load of corners

The bed has a printed map that allows you to create a 2x4 or 2x6 high floor and storage compartment.

There are also two coupling rings, four D-ring bottle openers, and integrated screw holes. 

There are 12 volt power supplies on each side of the bed and you can choose from 100 volt outlets available.

Ford Maverick is small but powerful. Don't be fooled by its low price. With some additional packages,

confirms that it's back as a pickup truck and hopefully still has enough muscle. Don't fix your wishes on the Ford Bron pickup as this will soon be a new