“The Best Is Yet to Come” — the third episode of HBO’s Winning Time, which aired on Sunday night

image credit-social media

image credit-social media

ends on a shocking note. After meeting with Jerry Buss and negotiating a deal that would bring University of Nevada, Las Vegas head coach Jerry Tarkanian onboard to coach the Lakers, 

Tarkanian’s close friend and business manager Vic Weiss is found dead in the trunk of his car, Buss’s business card stuck to his cheek.

The implication on the show is that the mobsters who had been staring Weiss down from afar at the restaurant during his meeting with Buss whacked him because they didn’t want Tarkanian signing a lucrative deal with the Lakers

 (The show doesn’t exactly delve into why the mafia would be so opposed to Tarkanian coaching the team

but it makes several vague references to Weiss’s gambling debt.

Presumably he’d get a cut of Tarkanian’s earnings as his business manager, so one would think that the new, high-paying gig would actually be mutually beneficial.

But Winning Time has been known to take some creative liberties, so it’s worth asking: is this really how it all went down?