Miami Heat Playoffs: Jimmy Butler Blasts Hawks For 45 To Go Up 2-0 In Series

The Miami Heat knew that Game 2 wouldn’t be like Game 1 of their opening rounds series against the Atlanta Hawks in the 2022 NBA Playoffs. 

Former Miami Heat player and TNT color commentator, Jim Jackson, alluded to it. When speaking about Coach Spoelstra’s thoughts on the game,

 Spo would insinuate that Game 1 was a figment of the imagination as well. The Miami Heat wouldn’t come out to dominate the Hawks like Game

You could expect some adjustments from them in this one. You couldn’t expect Duncan Robinson and P.J.

Tucker to have nearly flawless versions of their individual games. You couldn’t expect anything to remain the same—well,

except one thing. As he had in Game 1 of this series, Jimmy Butler recognized the moment

what his team needed, and proceeded to deliver.