Panthers failure with Deshaun Watson reveals obvious truth to Buccaneers

image credit-social media

image credit-social media

The NFC South always has the potential to be a very dangerous division. The Buccaneers have Tom Brady

, and the Falcons still have Hall of Famer Matt Ryan at the helm for the time being with the potential to add Deshaun Watson.

The Panthers have been the laughing stock of the NFC South for the past few years, especially during the Matt Rhule era

Paying a running back and then watching him never play, trading for Sam Darnold and extending him,

and not moving on from Rhule when they had the chance are just some of the terrible decisions that organization has made to stay mediocre.

The years with Cam Newton were great, but they are so far behind in the rearview mirror right now that talking

about “Panthers” and the “Super Bowl” in the same sentence feels foreign.