Ram's base engine is a 305hp V6 with an eTorque mild hybrid system that increases torque when accelerating.

 This engine doesn't feel underpowered in everyday driving and has enough juice to tow a small trailer to get the job done.

Full-scale towing requires one of two 395 horsepower V8 engines (one with and without a mild hybrid system) or a 260 horsepower diesel V6. 

Everything unleashes far more traction capacity than the V6, and the V8 offers better acceleration.However, these V8s 

are not comparable to the acceleration capabilities of the TRX model with a 702 horsepower supercharged V8

 engine with the same engine as the Dodge Challenger Hellcat. 

This truck quickly locks the doors of almost every other pickup truck. 

It accelerates from 0 mph to 60 mph in just 4.5 seconds and travels a quarter mph in 12.9 seconds.