Tesla has confirmed that it will use the world's largest device company named Giga to produce its electric pickup truck. After the release of the 9000-ton machine built by

 the Italian group, IDRA Tesla CEO Elon Musk owns a cyberium truck. The video serves as a final tease for Giga Press before the event was officially unveiled at IDRA Open House on 22-6. 

June in Brescia Lombardia Pretore. A big surprise for him. The company has already purchased Giga Press from IDRA for use in other production models and the images released from

the original 9000-ton Giga Press show are available in elegant white and red colors. he was going to Teslem. Furthermore, Musk was honest enough to have unmatched cybersecurity requirements.

The company's fourth-quarter 2020 invitation said: We will also use a cyber-cart for the rear bodywork of the larger engines because it is

a great car and will have a tall truck that will carry more cargo.

 So we use an 8000-ton press and send it to the back and up to 6000 tons 

 compared to the Model Y.