Tesla prides itself on the capabilities of the Cybertruck and the Trimotor model promises to raise 14000. You can go from 0 to 60 mph in 29 seconds,

Twin-engine and single-engine models dont work well (obviously). 0-60 hours are reduced to 45 seconds and 65 seconds respectively.

Towing capacity will be stable at 00-10000. 00 7500 for twin engines. Applies to one engine only. I dont know how fast 

 the Ford F-150 lights go from 0 to 60 but Ford says its between four seconds. During the test drive US President Joe Biden estimated it would take about 43 seconds. 

 Thats appropriate but a Ford spokesman didnt confirm or deny it. So watch out for this place. The standard LF-150 Lightning can handle up to £7700 while 

 the extended range model can handle up to 00-10000. Its similar to Teslas Cybertruck equivalent but its not entirely appropriate to compare 

the current model to Teslas higher-end model without the triple-motor Lightning. 

The delay could benefit Elon Musks company. If you need as much power as possible and dont mind waiting the Trimotor Cybertruck is the clear winner.