Like the other Tesla Cyber ​​Track it comes with standard autofilter and optional FSD autopilot for an extra $ 10000. Basic Automation System is

 a level 2 automation system with automatic steering tips for changing lanes of smart navigation control and blind line monitoring. 

 The FSD add-on means your car responds to your calls by stopping at traffic lights and stopping signs that automatically change lanes on the highway. 

Tesla says these features should keep their hands on the leader and follow the path. The F-150 Lightning will cover 

the Ford Blue Rain and will be unveiled on the Mustang Mach-E later this year. Blu-ray can control the direction and speed and does not want 

 the driver to put his hands on the steering wheel. The driver accompanied by an infrared camera monitors 

 the road and avoids sleeping in the back seat while driving. Comes with F-150 light. The Smart Hitch Assist feature is useful for those who want to use their truck like a real car. 

The two machines are very similar in terms of normal selfish behavior. The Tesla FST add-on is great for Tesla but 

 the car has not yet been upgraded to allow anyone in the drivers seat to receive instant notifications.

 If you choose the cheaper $ 40000 option the extra cost of the vehicle will be higher.