Ford has fitted the F-150 Lightning with many of the features you would expect in a modern electric vehicle including a 155-inch infotainment screen. But unlike

 the Tesla Cyber ​​Truck Ford it has physics buttons and dials for an almost touch screen based experience. The physical dial on the display is integrated just like on 

 the Ford Mustang Mac-I. The F-150 Lightning also has ample storage space as it is a large truck. The 141 cubic foot (front trunk) car has the same 55-foot bed as 

 the petrol-powered F-150. The foldable worktop inside and the front seats in the center console are completely folded flat. 

The Tesla Cyber ​​Truck is the most stable Tesla deal but without some major differences. 

 While the interiors of the Model S and Model 3 may seem almost vague

 there is no denying that CyberTrucks unique aesthetic has had

an impact on the interior.