This is a chance to become a truck fan by becoming a truck driver and finally seeing a boost in the electric truck market. While the Tesla Cyber ​​Truck has now been pushed to 2023 it

is one of the top priorities of vehicle manufacturers. Meanwhile, Ford has begun hitting the first steps of the F-150 bolt of the electric truck on the road. 

When Tesla considered the Ford F-Series pick-up the most popular vehicle in U.S. history he completed his work on it. 

But Musk models do not include pet eyes that have grown up and are never expected to offer performance as a mother. 

But in a Tesla Cyberium vs. Ford F-150 Lightning truck which truck will come? The Tesla Siberium truck may seem like 

a dream come true for the Elon Musk Fever product but it combines the experience of power with its versatility.

To some Ford seems to offer the same experience as a classic truck that has

 been on offer for decades but runs on batteries instead of a gas pool.