Due to the popularity of the CR-V, many turned to the modified 2023 Honda CR-V. However, there are many reasons to buy a 2022 Honda CR-V. 

 The 2022 two-wheel drive LX model will retail for $ 27750. The only change in the 2022 model is 

that all-wheel drive will be standard on expensive CR-V touring models over $ 35550. $ 1500 is an option for all other models. Hybrids start at $ 30960.

 The 5-seater 2022 Honda CR-V comes standard with a Honda Drive Sentiment support package and safety technology,

as well as an engine with a 1.5-liter turbo. The CRV interior is also a great place to kill time,

especially at the end of the tour. However, 

 even the basic model has a high quality plastic 

design and a neatly arranged support sheet.