The 2022 Ford F-150 Lightning has already sold out

In news that would not surprise anyone, Ford said

"retail orders are no longer available due to high demand this year."

There are rewards for those lucky enough to get one of the first cars.

Both versions of the eTruck generate more power than Ford has shown

Extended range lightning now generates 580hp. (up from 563hp when

introduced last year) The standard range truck makes 452hp. (About the

original target of 426 hp).Not that big of an increase, but still ... more.

Torque is the same as last year at 775 lb-ft, so you can expect 060 mph

in the quad. For heavy electric trucks, this speed is sufficient. Sufficient

range also raised the EPA's final rating for maximum range

to 320 miles for an extended range battery.

The eFord starts at $40,000 and US shipping

starts this week. “We have focused on raising the bar for this truck,

explains Dapo Adevusi, head of development for the F150 passenger car.