Several organizations have rated the Toyota Highlander as one of the best family SUVs this year and last year.

One of the reasons is that it is both simple and complex at the same time. It's minimal,

but nothing else compares. While critics wouldn't call the Highlander's third-row seating arrangement cramped and original,

a new trim called the Grand Highlander is set to debut with a new third-row approach.

This four-wheel drive system is available in two versions.

versions. The conventional all-wheel drive system is available as an option on L, LE and XLE Highlander petrol models. 

The second AWD variant focuses more on the performance and scientific aspects of AWD and is only available on XSE, Limited and Platinum models.

This four-wheel drive system is called a dynamic torque vectoring four-wheel drive system. What does dynamic torque vectoring mean?