Armed with a timeless cork bottle line, fastback roofline, and its ominous hidden headlight fascia,

 the 1968 Dodge Charger turned out to be rocking. The second generation, from 1968 to 1970, 

 is an immortal Hollywood star in movies such as Brit and Fast and the Furious. Given the menacing aesthetics, 

 it makes sense for filmmakers to use the villain Dodge Muscle Car.The charger is even more intimidating than its style, with the optional 7.2 liter V8.

 In addition, V8 muscle car fans will be delighted with 

the creation of the Dodge Charger 500, and ultimately the SureFire Charger Daytona.

the 1967 maDaytona was famous for breaking odel saw a decline in sales

that worried Dodge executives.athe oval race record by soaring to over 200 mph.