The Tesla Cybertracks bodywork cannot be painted with stainless steel, but packaging is a pre-option, but according to Tesla,

Cyber ​​Track owners are third-party to receive the package. I need to go to the office. You can change

the look of your Tesla Cybertruck with your clothes, but you can't paint it. This is because Tesla's new electric vehicle is made of stainless steel. 

This provides excellent performance, but limits your chances of photography.

 The color may change. The device is a complex process and the result is not like a traditional illness. 

 Tesla CEO Elon Musk earlier said the company will finally offer a bundle option. However, Mask said the first option would not be immediately available. 

 In other words, Mask Cybertruck says it couldn't have been any other color, at least initially. His comment was previously credited as Henry Ford, 

who said that Ford Model T buyers could have a different color than black.