It's hard to ignore the 2023 Ford Ranger and its new styling. It has a square front fascia with C-shaped headlights that match the large Ford F-150 and

the small Ford Maverick. It has a new grille design with another prominent front bumper.

However, it may not be strong enough to support the new look. The Ford Ranger is powered by the same engine as the previous generation 2.7-

liter 4-cylinder option, producing 270 horsepower and 310 pound-foot torque. The Kelley Blue Book comes with a new Ford Ranger Raptor Twin 

Turbocharged 3.6-liter V6 with 392 horsepower and 430 lb-foot torque, but it goes beyond the standard ranger.

The current ranger has a 20mpg City EPA and a 26mpg Highway. 

This is great. It can go from 0 mph to 60 mph in about 6.8 seconds. 

wheel drive only.