where is the ford maverick being built

Many people want to know where the Ford Maverick is being built. According to Deep the new order placed this summer was for the Mavericks 2023.

Ford shareholder Steve Thompson resigned in 2016 from his position as parts manager at Coating Ford in Granite City, Illinois. 

 Seen here 21 October 2021 At Festus Ford in Herculaneum he drives a 2022 Ford Maverick whose Area 51 is Grey.

 He loves pickups and Ford has stopped processing orders to deal with 

the overwhelming response. Ford stopped taking reservations for

 the all-electric F-150 Lightning in December, 

and customers are lining up to buy the award-winning Mustang Mach E and 

 Ford Bronco as demand is high at a time when auto production increases internationally. 

The decline is coming. and cost. move towards the sky.