Reducing the likelihood of unexpected repair costs Unexpected repair costs are never pleasant.

The good news is that making sure your car is repaired according to the manufacturers maintenance schedule can reduce 

the chances of unforeseen costs. Increase car resale value One of the first things consumers check 

when choosing a used car is a complete service history (FSH). Vehicles with FSH can cost thousands of pounds more than abandoned vehicles. 

So if you decide to trade in your Ford Focus you will earn more.3. Warranty Continues Ford backs every new Focus with a significant three-year/60000-mile warranty. 

However to keep this warranty in effect the vehicle must be serviced according to the manufacturers service plan. 4. 

Check that the tires are in good condition. 

During routine maintenance engineers always check safety-related systems such as brakes and tires. 

This ensures that your car is safe to drive and

 helps identify problems early.