I tested the electric Ford F150 Lightning in rural Texas. 

The is a great truck from all angles, but its biggest feature is its front trunk, which is known for being candid.

The new electric Ford F150 is one of the new advantages over the company's gas-powered trucks.

Despite its height, the F150 Lightning promises a top speed of 60 miles per hour in just 4 seconds

The power from the large capacity battery pack can be shared with appliances

the back door, or the owner's home in the event of a power outage.

Why Electric The best feature of the Ford F150 Lightning is the stunning front trunk

2022 Ford F150 Lightning. Tim Levine/Insider

And while the automatic backup power can save a life in 

an emergency, the owners don't use it every day

For better or worse, this isn't something I've actually

What I'm familiar with and consider the Lightning's greatest feature is the front trunk.

Ford calls it the Mega Power Frank. This is a very silly name for a very useful feature.

Like most EVs today, the basic design of the F150 Lightning looks like a giant electric skateboard

The engine is on the axle and the battery is on the ship. 

This means Ford can do fun things using all the space that conventional engines don't take up.