GM Chevy is developing a complete model refresh for the Silverado HD starting with the 2024 model year. Many of the updates offered for

the 2024 Silverado HD include an all-new interior but the question is will the Silverado HD 2024 get rid of

the column shifters? Late last month GM authorities released the first interior photos of the new 2024 Silverado HD showing a completely revamped cabin space. 

While the photos don't show the entire interior there are some interesting hints of what it will have to offer. It should be 

noted however that the current in the cab does not represent the column-mounted displacement mechanism as before. Refresh Chevy Silverado HD. 

This is especially important as the upcoming Silverado HD 2024 will be equipped with a large infotainment screen which means column shifters can

block the display on the facelifted model. We see a large horizontal touchscreen mounted on the large hood.

The new screen looks much bigger than the current screen equipped with Silverado HD.