Wordle 268 hints and  answer 

As the new week begins, Wordle is here with yet another puzzle for the word game lovers. After 

comparatively easier puzzles over the weekend, today's word is an interesting one. So players may need a hint or two to get through to the answer

The latest Wordle puzzle is available for the next 24-hours, after which it will be replaced with a new word puzzle.

below you will find the selection of hints, clues and also the solution

If you have been playing the viral word game for sometime, chances are you have already guessed the answer for today

Just in case, you are having trouble finding the word of the day, then you have landed on the right page.

1. The word has one vowel 2. Today's word has no alphabets repeating 3. The vowel used is E 4. One of the usages of the word is to refer to extraction of metal from rock

If you are still struggling to find the answer, the word you are looking for is 'SMELT'.