Wordle 270 Answer for March 16, 2022 Players need to go to the Wordle website, now hosted on the New York Times game site.

Choose a starting word. It has to be a real English word and needs to be five letters long

Once a good starting word for Wordle has been plugged in, the letters will change colors to give players some hints on how to proceed.

Green letters are correct. Yellow letters are correct but in the wrong place in the word.

Gray letters are incorrect. Players have a total of six tries to get to the word of the day.

The puzzle resets at midnight local time. Wordle also provides players with a menu after the puzzle is complete. This menu contains how many guesses players have made, the spoiler-free Share button, win streaks, 

win percentages, and other information. And that's how to play the viral word game Wordle. Hints for the Wordle 270 for March 16, 2022

Although today's word isn't too tricky since it doesn't have duplicate letters and is a fairly common word, players may still need a hint to get to the answer. Here are a few hints for the New York Times' Wordle for March 16th.

Today's word ends with an "R." This word also contains one "T." It has two vowels in it. This word begins with the letter "C." This word has a couple of meanings but is usually used to describe when professionals make and serve food at a function 

Answer for Wordle 270 for March 16, 2022 If players are still looking for the answer to today's Wordle word of the day, they can check below the image to get the full spoiler for puzzle number 270.

goofy intense wordle The answer to Wordle puzzle 270 is CATER. Wordle is available for any browser