World of Warcraft brings back dragons in new expansion

World of Warcraft is bringing back the dragons. In a livestream, World of Warcraft developers announced Dragonflight, WoW’s ninth expansion in 18 years.

Dragonflight will focus on the return of the Dragon Aspects, the magical guardians of Azeroth who disappeared 

after the events of the Cataclysm expansion 12 years ago. Players will journey to the mysterious and heretofore 

hidden Dragon Isles to explore five zones, each themed after one of the five dragon aspects. Dragonflight will also add a new race / class combo called Dracthyr Evokers,

a race of draconic humanoids (think the Worgen from Wrath of the Lich King) with ranged damage 

and healing powers related to the Dragon Aspects. Unlike the Worgen, however, Dracthyr can 

only be the Evoker class, and the Evoker class is race locked to the Dracthyr.