WWE SmackDown Results – March: Big E Suffers Neck Injury, Ricochet Defends Title

The SmackDown on March was a rollercoaster ride. Brock Lesnar

opened the night by calling out Roman Reigns in a raging 

manner in the ring. Lesnar mentions that Roman drew

first blood and added that one doesn’t live to talk about it when

someone draws first blood on Lesnar. Paul Heyman then comes 

out in public from backstage and suggests that Roman

isn’t present at the arena. Lesnar then asks

Paul who would save him if Roman isn’t there. Brock

then starts chasing Paul out of the arena and runs behind Paul as he leaves the arena in his car.

Happy Corbin, Madcap, Jinder Mahal vs Drew McIntyre and The Viking Raiders Drew McIntyre and The Vikings haven’t had a great run since last week and it continued last night as Happy Corbin beat up McIntyre to claim the win. While the Viking Raiders were ironically being raided by the opposite team,

McIntyre waited in the ring. All of a sudden, Happy, Madcap and Jinder ran to the stage and attacked Drew McIntyre throwing him to the ring post and into the ring.

Sasha Banks and Naomi vs Shayna Baszler and Natalya Sasha and Naomi won this interesting woman’s tag team match. Shayna and Naomi had a lot of back-and-forth attacks on each other. Sasha then came in to beat up Shayna and clinched the win by rolling up Natalya and pinning.

Jey Uso and Jimmy seemed to have chances of winning this tag team match with Jey also trying to pin Rick Boogs. But Rick Boogs tapped out and reversed the situation by dominating both the opposite team members

Shinsuke Nakamura was mostly in a tight situation due to Jimmy but Boogs managed to take the win as he pinned Jey Uso.